Out of the ashes; like the Pheonix - this is almost a mantra for the eclectic mix of musicians who make up Scarred Soul Empire. All the members have come from very different backgrounds and have played in several bands and projects throughout the years. Though each has wildly varying musical tastes and styles with influences ranging from The Cure to Social Distortion, Chemical Brothers to Norma Jean, Sound Garden to Deftones, Corrosion of Conformity to The Rolling Stones, the list goes on and on. Somehow it all comes together like alchemy and creates the philosophers’ stone.......of music, it just works!


The band members originated from all across the country having seemingly been magically led to meet in The Okanagan in British Columbia. Mark and Adam met and formed a band with a singer-songwriter in Kelowna in 2019 and having lost a bass player were on the search for another. The singer from that band (let's call him “J”) had been roommates and played in another band with Grant in 2003. After having moved from Quebec and losing touch for several years, J and Grant serendipitously bumped into one another in a checkout line in Kelowna. Grant joined the band and we started writing music. That band fell apart after J decided he wanted to pursue other paths. Mark, Adam and Grant felt like they all clicked on a musical and personal level and wanted to continue so they formed Scarred Soul Empire. Enter Blaine: Adam and Blaine grew up in the same town in Ontario, however, never met. The two met by chance in Kelowna at a job. Adam asked Blaine to audition for the band, and after the first rehearsal, we knew we had found the missing piece.




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